Opinion: Reflection for the Week – Obedgiu Samuel

During the last week we have seen many Rembo or Swazniger like episodes in our country.
A daughter in law contesting against a father in law, each bringing a group of heavily armed soldiers, a former Attorney General picking a gun to teach his opponents a lesson. Great lessons learnt we saw the same man who one day told a fellow learnt Judge that ‘Report me to God or go hang,’ this time he was bundled into a prison bus all alone with many common chicken thiefs.

We also saw many great men and women crying because the common man threw them out of politics e.g. the mighty , Anite the lady who on camera one time said had no time to waste speaking Luganda apart from only one word ‘magye’ it reminded me of a similar story told of how in Soroti the late Obote Milton who, in 1967 was asked about Kabaka Mutesa’s fate he arrogantly said:

He was not sure of the exact name of that thing called Kabaka all he knew it would die and rot in Exile. Little did Obote know that he too fate would make him met his creator in exile.
These stories should teach us to be humble for today’s sowing might be a reflection of tomorrow’s harvest.

Todays weekend reflection gives us excellent teachings which are alligned to what we have seen in the entire week.

In the Gospel narrative (Luke 6:43-49), Jesus tells his followers that they will be identified by the fruits they bear. For a good tree cannot produce bad fruits and vice versa.
Today mother church also encourages us to reflect on the Holy Name of Mary Mother of Jesus. But why the name.

Many of us were given certain names, unfortunately in some instances these names define us. For example there is someone called Otong (spear in Jopadhola) and indeed he is like a spear, his words can spear others, he is also a spear to every skirt he sees. But I also know some Otong who is a gentleman.

Unfortunately the reverse is also very real we have seen many names gotten from Spiritual derivatives eg Kwagalakwe, Mwesigwa (the trusted one) Wakiisa(the kindness of God) Mugisha, Mukisa etc
But in most cases the personality behind the name is far and divorced from the etymology of the name.

Mary unlike most of our names is a symbolic name which comes to denote victory, humility and solace for sinners.

Let us pray that we may become good trees which yield good fruits and may we become a true reflection of the mighty name of God.
I wish you a blessed weekend.