Bishop calls for peaceful coexistence with Balalo herdsmen

The Bishop of the Diocese of Nebbi Church Of Uganda Rt Rev Pons Ozelle Awinju has implored believers in the diocese to provide an enabling environment for the peaceful co_existence with the Balalo( cattle keepers) across the diocese.

Whilst speaking to hundreds of believers at Alala Archdeaconry in Parombo Town Parish during a pastoral visit on October 6, the bishop said they have been staying with some Balalo herdsmen for ages and there have been eminent peaceful coexistence. He added that there are some cliques coming in the name of Balalo herdsmen with unlawful attributes to spoil the already existing good relationship with the believers that shouldn’t be tolerated.

” We need to live in peace with the Balalo, we have stayed for ages with some of them who are good people. There are some people who are coming in their name to change things around, let’s be careful about them” He told many believers attending a church service.

The Diocese of Nebbi church of Uganda consists of the Districts of Pakwach, Nebbi, Zombo and Nebbi Municipality.

This came just days after President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni extended for the second time the deadline for the eviction of Balalo herdsmen to October 20, 2023, to give him ample time to peruse through the reports he received. He had extended the eviction to September 30, 2023.

The extension of the deadline for the second time has triggered mixed views from some legislators and local leaders in northern Uganda.

However, the state minister of northern Uganda Grace Freedom Kwiocwiny in a press conference in Gulu City recently said the effective implementation of the executive order in which all stakeholders would be involved is being put in place by inter ministerial team.

It’s reported that the highest number of balalo herdsmens in Greater Nebbi is in Pakwach District, The Pakwach Resident District Commissioner Paul Eseru confirmed having done with the documentation of all the balalo herdsmens.