People power youth leaders say “No Nedda” to scientific elections, warn Justice Byabakama

People power youth leaders say no to scientific elections .Whisper Eye Reports.

People Power Movement youths under the informal sector dismisses scientific elections, warns Justice Byabakama and EC spokesperson Joshua Talemwa

While addressing a press briefing at Kamwokya, Mr Lucky Peter Luggya one of the youths in the informal sector said that the Electoral Commission has only four days to reconsider its resolution over the forthcoming general elections.

“We have given four days to Justice Byabakama and group, to revise their decision to implement unconstitutional means ‘Scientific elections’ as a way to organise the 2020/21 general elections,’ says Mr Luggya.

“We are the majority population in the country, but the minority are taking decision without even consulting our position and contributions, he said.”

They have threatened to go on streets of Kampala fighting for their rights.

Boda Boda riders, market vendors, house maids, mechanics, farmers, gathered at Kamwokya have unanimously agreed to dismiss Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama’s revised road map for 2020/21 general elections.

However while appearing on a local TV Justice Byamukama defended the EC decision to hold elections while observing the health giuidelines of the ministry of health.

Today Whisper Eye has learnt that some online media owners held a meeting with the EC officials including Byabakama and called for cooperation .

He also dismissed the world scientific election.