President Museveni is heaven sent, still in power because of God’s grace.” Hon Ruth Katushabe

The Senior Presidential Advisor on Political Affairs and Translation Hon Ruth Katushabe while appearing on a political talk show this evening the 27th of September 2023 has said that Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni the President of the Republic of Uganda is heaven sent especially when leadership comes from God.

The Senior Presidential Advisor said that even when there are certain challenges the NRM government has faced, to a greater extent Gen Museveni has done his best and still doing a lot to positively impact the lives of Ugandans that he leads.

Hon Katushabe cited the example of the prevailing peace and security in the country that is being enjoyed by citizens border to border saying that without peace and security, no economic or social activity can flourish applauding the 4 star General for keeping Ugandans safe and offering an environment where one can do business to financially flourish.

“When I was doing my internship as a University student at Uganda Media Centre, we had a trip to Northern Uganda but we always walked on instructions in fear of stepping on land mines. But when I went back as an MP on oversight roles many years later, we would move freely without any fears. This shows how Uganda has transformed from a rogue nation to a peaceful one.” She said

“In the past during Amin and Obote’s regime, many Ugandans were refugees and living in exile, today Uganda is known as the biggest refugee host in the region. Things have changed for the better.” She added

Hon Katushabe also added that one of the shortcomings in service delivery is the corrupt government officials who think of their stomachs first before the people they serve. She said that this is the reason why in every sub-county there is a committee of residents (local people) doing a supervisory role to make sure that any money or equipment from the government reaches the respective groups or individuals as this method was introduced to curb the rampant corruption.

On the issue of the ongoing splits and fights within opposition political parties, Hon. Katushabe pegged their infightings to parties lacking a clear ideology in the initial stages of being started. She said that most opposition political parties like FDC started to remove Museveni from power something that they have failed and this has caused disappointments among their members.

She also added that due to the lack of a clear ideology, most members of these parties are there for political calculations especially those who desire to win elective offices but inside them, they do not love these parties at heart and hence can easily walk away or cause mayhem within these parties.

She thus said it is wrong to blame Gen Museveni for the shortcomings within the opposition parties as the NRM is only concentrating on winning the hearts of as many Ugandans as possible rather than concentrating on the destruction of her opponents.