Hon Katushabe meets NRM Chairman Canada Chapter, to discuss issues relating to diaspora students

Hon . Ruth Katushabe the Senior Presidential Advisor on Political Affairs yesterday held a meeting with Mr Kinene the Chairman of the NRM Chapter of Canada. #WhisperEyeNews

The two discussed matters of national importance in line with engaging students in the diaspora on how to involve them in the different government development programs. They also discussed about the Mass mobilisation for the NRM party, lobbying and spreading of the ideology, especially the Youth ideological Orientation.

Hon Katushabe speaking to the media after the meeting said that students mainly who are youths are the leaders of tomorrow and the Uganda of tomorrow and thus it is very important to involve them in the different government development programs.

She added that those studying from the diaspora are a special case because for a long they have been detouched from what is taking place back at home yet they are Ugandans who also deserve to be part of whatever development activity takes place back in Uganda.

She further added that students must be ideologically oriented frequently and be taught patriotism to see that Uganda remains one and stable regardless of where one comes from.

Hon Katushabe is known for being so enthusiastic on issues of students to see that they become better citizens of tomorrow. Recently she was involved in the organization of the National Youth Leaders Summit that took place at the Grand Global Hotel in Kampala.