FDC Deputy Sec General Harold Kaija defrauds party supporters millions in false visa processing fees

The opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Deputy Secretary General (DSG) Harold Kaija is on spot for alleged defrauding party supporters in Visa and processing fees.

According to the letter signed by the FDC Secretary General Hon. Nathan Nandala Mafabi authored on 11, August, 2023 addressed to the party president, without knowledge of the party, the DSG Kaija wrote to the International Republican Institute (IRI), Washington D.C nominating 10 people for a program which the party had no knowledge of.

Hon. Nandala Mafabi asserts that some of the defrauded persons have since petitioned the party asserting that Kaija and a one Basalirwa Nasurudin solicited from each 110 US Dollars and UGX 500,000 from each of the nominees for Visa and Visa processing respectively.

“We have received petitions from some of the complainants accusing the party DSG (A) for obtained money with Basalirwa Nasurudin from each of them to the tune of USD 110 for Visa and UGX 500,000 as processing fees. (annex ii)” reads the letter in parts.

Nandala Mafabi in the letter said that as a party, they have never received an invitation about the program in that area and that in any case it’s the Secretary General who is responsible for signing on all documents of the party unless he is not available. However, Nandala said that he clearly remembers that on the 30th, January 2023, he was at the party headquarters and nothing of the nature was brought to his notice thus Kaija’s actions amount to abuse of office and misconduct.

“This is clear abuse of office and misconduct by Deputy Secretary General (A). As I advise the complaints to move to police to report, I am forwarding this case to your office for action.” Said a letter in parts