Big Story: President Museveni top critic Kakwenza Rukirabashaija arrested

President Museveni top critic Kakwenza Rukirabashaija arrested.Whisper Eye Reports

The Author of the Greedy Barbarian a book which seem to be criticising President Museveni and his government has been rearrested today in Iganga .

The move came despite recently court dismissed a case related to the same charges last month against him.

Kakwenza , who often draws large following wherever he posts his opinions was arrested at 6: 30 am by a combined team of security forces.

 Kakwenza supporters led by Kizza Besigye have voiced growing frustration on the arrest of the author

Whisper Eye has learnt that he was arrested at 6:30am this morning the 18th day of September 2020, over publishing another book, THE BANANA REPUBLIC, which recounts the grim torture of how CMI arrested, detained and tortured him for seven days from Easter Monday (13/4/2020).

According to his lawyers , the CMI operatives had the audacity to tell his wife and area LC 1 Chairperson that they were arresting him over his continued writing of literature critical of President Yoweri Museveni Kaguta, Uganda’s over 34 years military leader.

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