Joint Medical Stores dragged to court for illegal termination of employee’s contract

An employee of Nsambya faith based organisation (Joint Medical stores) has dragged the Non- Government Organisation to court over alleged unlawful termination from employment. Whisper Eye Reports.

The former employee name withdrawn worked as a senior quality assurance assistant on a contract .

A plaint on Whisper Eye desk the applicant claims Joint Medical stores breached his contract by dismissing him as the entire process leading to his termination from employment on 8th May 2020 was irregular and unlawful as the same contravened the plaintiffs right to natural justice and a fair hearing without justification.

The case was filed on 22 may 2020 at Kampala high court civil division under civil suit No. 124 2020.

He accuses the management of joint medical stores for offending the Uganda Employment Act, by illegally issuing him with dismissal letters without any just cause or according him a fair hearing.

He claims the only reason given to him was misconduct levelled against him in a suspension letter .

The employee claims he was given only (6) six working hours to file a written explanation to allegations of misconduct upon suspension, he was also given only seven and half working hours to prepare for and attend a disciplinary committee hearing .

That due to their unlawful dismissal by the defendant, they have been deprived of salary he was entitled too since.

The plaintiff had no intention of terminating his contract before its natural termination and would have served joint medical stores until the last day of his contract and earned 52 ,920,000 from his services.

That due to the defendant unlawful conduct the plaintiff has lost 52 ,920,000

Efforts to get a word from Joint Medical stores by the time of this story was futile.