NRM Primaries: Tension as Security deploys heavily to crush hooliganism

Tension as Security deploys heavily to crush hooliganism. Whisper Eye Reports

security operatives in Masaka district today have been forced to deploy both UPDF and police armed cops in Bukakata sub county to deal with all suspected hooliganism who were planning to cause choas during the NRM primaries.

Hooligans had planned to disrupt the locals electing their flag bearers who will contest in the general coming 2021 election.

Security sources told Whisper Eye news today that they got a clear information that some suspected hooliganism were hired from Nyendo suburb and other surrounding areas to go to Bukakata and cause chaos yet they are not residents of that area.

Francis Sserwada told journalists that the battle is between Alysious Jjuuko the incumbent (NRM )ticket and Joseph Lubega Muzanganda aka Special.

Sserwada says that supporters of Jjuuko where threatening to beat up supporters of Lubega special that is why security decided to deploy heavily in all corners more especially in Lambu, Kaziru landing site, Bukakata and other spot areas.

When we contacted the district Police Commander Masaka for the comment SP David Katunda revealed to our reporter that its true they have deployed in Bukakata and other parts to make sure all NRM primaries goes well without any bloodshed.

Katunda added that there role as security is keep law and order plus the property of Ugandans without any segregation and discrimination.

Mr Katunda appealed to all candidates to talk to their supporters not to cause chaos otherwise they will not tolerate to any body who does not respect the laws given by security and asked all voters to come at the polling centres with masks and follow the ministry of health measures like washing hands, keep social distance, wearing masks because Covid-19 its real and it has killed very many innocent people countrywide.