Video: Pastor Bugembe blesses Joseph Mayanja “Chameleone” to win Lord Mayorship

Spiritual Powers: Pastor Bugembe blesses Jose Chameleone to win Lord Mayorship. Whisper Eye Reports

Pastor Wilson Bugembe of The Worship House Nansana has blessed Kampala Lord Mayor aspirant Mr Joseph Mayanja to win the seat come 2021.

While giving a service sermon Pastor Bugembe blessed Mr Mayanja to win the race for Kampala Lord Mayorship.

“Some people who are not close to Mr Joseph Mayanja, can not understand him. He is a very serious, hardworking and winner,” says Pastor Bugembe.

“I’m your fan and I have followed you since you made the break through in Music,” he added.

Mr Mayanja has told pastor Bugembe that he always prays to the lord and he has done many wonders to him.

“I remember when I fell from a storeyed building in Tanzania I didn’t know that I could walk again! Now I’m walking with my legs,” says Mr Mayanja.

“My lord is leading me to City Hall, I’m the next Lord Mayor for Kampala City,” he stated.

Pastor Bugembe said that he is going to do everything possible to see Mr Mayanja wins the race.