NUP Ticket: You are an NRM mole & a land grabber, I can’t step down for you, Dr Mirembe fumes at Yusuf Nsibambi

You are a land grabber , I can’t step down for you, Dr Mirembe fumes at Yusuf Nsibambi over NUP MP ticket. Whisper Eye Reports

Opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) coordinator for the informal sector who is also battling to win the party ticket for Mawokota South constituency Dr Joel Mirembe Nsubuga fumes after top NUP leaders asks him to step down for FDC’s Yusuf Nsibambi.

Privy sources from Kamwokya intimated to Whisper Eye news said that NUP top officials including Butambala MP Muhammad Muwanga Kivumbi who is the regional coordinator in greater Mpigi and the secretary general David Lewis Lubongoya are forcing Dr Mirembe to give way to proud member and the party’s chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC) of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) counsel Nsibambi.

Dr Mirembe states:

I am not a good to be sold or bought, take heart, comrade fighters, ‘Nze Wendi, ate sigenda’ (meaning I’m here and not going anywhere), till Bosco is down, Katonga region is my command center.

There are established NUP procedures for attaining NUP ticket or flag bearership, any one planning to break them should be aware of that we are a nonsense generation, not ready to be exploited or compromised by any one, we are not mere stakeholders, but big shareholders, 78% of the population.

Comrades the questions are many and I understand your concern, I have received and continue to receive hundreds of phone calls, regarding the unfolding issues on my candidature in Mawokota county South constituency.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidates hiding in the FDC ticket have heavily invested in bribery and blackmail.

That’s not news to those alive to the fact that NRM operates this way and it’s the main backbone.

The weak elderly evil man Nsibambi and his student EALA MP Susan Nakawuki are scared to the bone marrow .

All wat these two NRM cadres can offer to Mawokotarians are bribes, blackmail, and , intimidation as their supreme leader teaches.

There are some elements home who have made it a business, which definitely gets us strugglers become goods for their own benefit, we shall expose them, and ensure they are wiped out.

If it’s not me, and you then who?

I am leading from the front,

“Tukyekwatiremu Ffe Abanyigirizibwa” (Let us get involved our selves the oppressed.)

Dr Joel stated in a tough document he authored as prepares himself to expose to party officials fighting his candidature in Mawokota South.