Kenya’s deputy president William Ruto is set to quit the ruling party – Jubilee Party

Kenya’s deputy president William Ruto is set to quit the ruling party – Jubilee Party.Whisper Eye Reports

What is happening in Jubilee party currently has served to frustrate the deputy president William Ruto to an extent of him thinking of quitting the party they formed with president Uhuru Kenyatta.

It should be recalled that the whole story started with the handshake between president Uhuru Kenyatta and Rt Hon. Raila Odinga, which gave birth to the building bridges initiative (B.B.I), where the constitution amendments through the referendum are expected to be made , which allegedly Ruto is opposed to.

Of late H.E William Ruto seems to be overwhelmed by enormous frustrations from the group allied to President Uhuru Kenyatta through changes in both Kenya’s Senate and Parliamentary leadership where the blue eyed man of the deputy president Hon. Kipchumba Mukormen was dropped from the position of the Senate majority leader.

People thought that it would stop there but the verbal artillery from the Jubilee party vice chair David Wakairu Murathe among others towards the deputy president indicates that , it is not yet over.

In retaliation, H.E William Ruto in an interview on Citizen television said that the Jubilee Party has been hijacked by conmen and power brokers such as David Wakairu Murathe , the party vice chairperson.

It is important to note that Hon. David Wakairu Murathe is too close to president Uhuru Kenyatta and by the deputy president saying that he is a power broker and conman directly insults the president.

The deputy president also asserted that the referendum call which president Uhuru Kenyatta and his counterpart Raila Odinga are advocating for is not a legacy issue.

Reliable sources indicates that H.E William Ruto is parading his team led by Senator Kipchumba Mukormen to refute the B.B.I nine(9), agenda and consequently the referendum call.

With all these unfolding, the deputy president William Ruto is waiting for an opportune moment , which is bound to happen to quit the Jubilee Party and by extension unveil his formation that will lead him to 2022, presidential polls.

Compiled by Sewiino Lawrence

UYD’s National Organising Secretary