NUP Ticket: Money Cancer, Money bags take over People Power Our Power in Lubaga South & North race

Big Story : Money Cancer, Money bags take over People Power in Lubaga South & North. Whisper Eye Reports

Former Kampala district councillor at KCC senior politician Henry Lubowa accounts how money effect is affecting the big struggle ‘Mission 2021’.

In his statement titled “How I see Mission 2021” he has made a critical analysis of the events inside the newly formed political party of the National Unity Platform (NUP) and how issues were handed in the famous People Power Movement which created the current political wave.

Henry Lubowa writes:

If Mission 2021gets hijacked, then it will be a missed opportunity.

The mission is to remove the Museveni regime, its between the oppressed and the oppressors. Two sides.

That’s the message that drove me traverse this country at all odds, to build a new wave for change through empowerment.

In Jinja, we needed to empower a commander who could stand in departed former Mayor of Jinja Mohammad Baswale Kezaala’s shoes, and Paul Mwiru’s election was about that.

We stood together for proper command of our Jinja command base.

Now day’s, I don’t see him often.

In Bugiri, our reason was the same. Asuman Basalirwa was an unsang hero.

We planted him in the middle of the East against all odds.

Asuman’s election made massive statements. One, that we were serious with mission 2021, two, that even without money, together we can defeat the enemy.

That’s the price for which Walyendo laid down his life.

The shooter aimed to Asuman Basalirwa. He must have had orders to kill the commander we were planting.

In Arua, our argument was a fearless commander for the westnile nation.

Kassiano Ezat Wadri was the best. We gave our all, to have opportunity of the best westnile commander.

It wasn’t easy. It was tough to even have convergence.

I remember Eddie Mutwe’s look when we decided to head to Arua without the Principal, and recall the jubilation that evening, when he joined the bloody command when we needed his command most.

That’s what we envisaged. A plan of the best battle generals, regionally hardened for change.

Now, for some reasons, I sometimes get lost.

One, is the slow money cancer taking over ‘The Mission Command’.

Money bags are taking over this revolution, but in this country, one man controls the money bags.

“No many bag in Uganda, has a clean record to be able to face Museveni without in a duel.”

The revolution of the oppressed is being taken over by the agents of the oppressors with the oppresso’s money.

And it’s threatening the command spirit we created. ‘Ntiddemu’ (meaning I’m scared).

Two, the spirit of unity seems to continue taking to the most backseatward trend.

Someone asked, why did Mutebi add a green colour to his office? Mbu, he is not our enough. What the hell?

To defeat Museveni we must consolidate command for the 90% oppressed Ugandans. Some might be difficult to control but they are all oppressed.

So, even if it’s tough to achieve total unity among the 90%, we must never walk away from it, or replace that grand operational requirement, it’s not insurmountable.

We need to continue hitting at one spot while not losing what we have achieved by blood.

But now we even grade and belittle commanders! Armies are led by lions, not sheeps.

Sheeps have good tendencies – very smart, very disciplined, conformist, even faced with their death sword, they don’t struggle.

Is that what we want? If that is the army we are turning out to have then we may not be riding well.

We can not miss this chance, thirty five year of Museveni’s lock down of this country must not be let to continue.

Mr Lubowa stated in his statement.

According to Mr Lubowa he is highlighting a big issue that is swallowing the People Power Movement founding principles.

In Rubaga North activist Mubiru James was sacrificed just because of the influence of Money.

The world was shocked when senior politician Gen Samuel Walter Lubega Mukaaku was sacrificed to appease president Museveni’s young brother Gen Salim Saleh who is financing his blue eyed boy Mukasa Aloysius in Rubaga South constituency.

Many people have been arguing that Mr Mukaaku was on the Elections Management Commission as the vice chairperson yet he had interest in Rubaga South constituency, giving it as an escape route.

The world MUST know that the chairperson of the Elections Management Commission Ms Mercy Walukamba is also a candidate in Bugweri district as a woman MP and there are three other NUP candidates.

All leaders in NUP are contesting for various posts. The president Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu who appoints and fires members of all committees he is a presidential candidate, the spokesperson Mr Joel Ssenyonyi is contesting in Nakawe West, Bobi Wine’s elder brother who heads the informal sector Mr Nyanzi Fred Ssentamu popularly known as Chairman Nyanzi is contesting in Kampala Central constituency.

Let no one confuse Ugandans about the influence of money misleading the awaited Mission 2021.