Former presidential aspirant Mugerwa tipped to win Kalungu West after MP Ssewungu’s two terms come to an end

Former presidential aspirant Mugerwa tipped to win Kalungu west after MP Ssewungu’s two terms come to an end . Whsper Eye Reports

Voters in Kalungu West have expressed their gratification to Hon. Joseph Gonzaga Ssewungu for emulating the likes of Winnie Kiiza and Nelson Mandela after he honoured his promise of not seeking a third term.

According to voters in Kalungu West, Hon ssewungu while seeking reelection for the second term promised voters not to contest for the 3rd term.

He said he is not power hungry like President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who keeps on coming back in the race.

Uganda lacks leaders who respect their words, if MP Ssweungu doesn’t seek a third term he will be among the few Patriots Uganda is left with.

Hon Ssewungu could follow the example of hon Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu popularly known as Bobi Wine who only served for three years in parliament and left the position to stand for President.

Political analysts say if ssewungu does this, he could set a good precedent for the next generation.

They advise ssewungu to use his time in building and mentoring young people for politics and leadership.

The race for Kalungu West constituency has so far attracted two candidates that include NRM’s Joseph Mugaga and People Power’s Mugerwa Timothy.

Mugerwa is expected to win Mugaga given his leadership credentials and his appealing message to people of the 21st century.

Mugaga’s advanced age may not be attractive in a constituency that is dominated by young voters.

In 2016, Mr Mugagga lost the seat to Hon Ssewungu with a difference of 3,343 votes despite rigging cases and having the NRM party flag.

Mr Mugerwa is a son of prominent religious leader in the area Canon Tusubira Abraham Lincoln whose influence is the area gives youthful Mugerwa an upper hand in the race.