Entebbe City Mayor Race: DP’s Ssebuguzi asks resident to vote him to make the new City shine

Entebbe City Mayor Race: DP’s Ssebuguzi asks resident to vote him to make the new City shine. Whisper Eye Reports

As politicians all over Uganda prepare to contest in 2021 general election some Entebbe politicians have decided to wait and prepare to receive their promised city which is proposed to start operations by 2022 and contest for it’s leadership.

Among those preparing to contest for the mayorship position are NRM’s Mike Kabwama Mutebi who is challenged by another NRM Fabrice Rulinda, while DP’s Anselm Ssebuguzi is waiting for who wins the NRM primaries to battle since his would be challenger Vincent De Paul Kayanja is not expected to return after serving as a mayor for Entebbe municipality since 2011, a time enough for a serious leader to retire or seek a different political office.

Mr. Ssebuguzi a former Seminarian and a graduate of philosophy from the university of Salamanca, Spain and a Singapore’s Informatics college software Engineer told Entebbe residents that his main objective is to develop Entebbe into a smart city and self sustaining.

“We shall make rubbish clever…” Ssebuguzi explains; “forget bin lorries and fetid dumpsters, we shall make a system of pneumatic tubes to transport rubbish to a central location for processing.”

Ssebuguzi also promises to twin Entebbe city to Portlaoise City of Ireland through his friend and it’s only former black Mayor Rotimi Adebari.

New cities come with issues such as; pompous architects, bureaucratic impedimenta and the fact that much of the best land is already inhabited, but Ssebuguzi believes that with proper planning, nothing is difficult.

“We need to be economically sustainable by creating jobs for the youth, plan for social support for all residents and neighbourhood infrastructure improvements and business expansions among other many projects. He added.

On the other hand, Fabrice Rulinda promised to use his travel experience and connections to the state house to develop Entebbe city.

Whisper Eye shall keep you posted!