A must read: change is coming: Besigye’s absence from election and Bobi Wine in change equation

As I nonchalantly focused on the the past, present and future of Uganda, looking at arrested development at the expense of Ugandans and happiness of a few thieving cliques, I came up with a little arithmetic, here we need osmosis if we are to go scientific. The Movement from higher concentration to lower concentration biologically , mathematically we may apply Algebra.

We have had a President who ruled for 34 years, thanks to the

patronage and corruption that promoted Mafiarism.

Unfortunately, a patriot with too much love for power, General Museveni negated his values and surrendered the country to a clique who captured him as they siphoned Uganda.

President Museveni has been in it all, from fighting Idd Amin dictatorship, bringing hope and focus to Uganda and together with other patriotic Ugandans forming Front for National salvation [ FRONANSA] that together with other Ugandans, fought off Amin dictatorship with the help of Tanzania in 1979.

Unfortunately, after being helped by Baganda he used as his walking stick or ladder and damped, after promising socioeconomic transformation, peace and Nationalism to Ugandans through the 10 points programs, he degenerated into a villain, yes from a hero to zero.

One important thing is he managed to build a formidable Uganda army [ UPDF] that ensured peace in the Great lakes region, but sadly deviating into his personal army.

The wanton death of both his allies and nemesis suggests that he, General Museveni is under capture. The mafias surrounds him.

His setting of the state house anti corruption wing of comrade Nakalema is exposing the mafias. According to the resent audio I listened to on the theft of 50 million dollars, exposed through capital times, a Uganda magazine, has truely put the racket in a state of disarray and the only way forward before the president pounce on them, is to annihilate the President himself.


The 4 times Presidential candidate, Dr Besigye, the people’s President’s announcement of not running again for election leaves the transition equation open.

It gives a perfect opportunity for Hon Bobi wine to galvanize his resolve. Bobi wine came with a different strategy, ” register and vote ” we are vaccinated against fear, voter apathy where less than 10 million Ugandans participated in elections in the past 20 years is gone.

When the versatile mobilizer, tested campaigner and statesman, Dr Besigye walks with Bobi wine across the country, the tired , robbed and disoriented Ugandans are up for change.

I believe in his hearts of hearts, President Museveni would have given up power long time ago. I believe President Museveni needs help, he is trying his best but being threatened with the unknown! Life without power, also power to keep the loot alive.


President Museveni swallows his pride and bitter pills, privately calls Dr Besigye, Hon Bobi wine, Hon Mao, General Muntu, Hon Asuman and agree on a unity government and pass a law to purdon the past regimes, including his for the crimes against humanity committed and grand theft.

Number two, the opposition vehemently rallies behind Bobi wine and protect votes. If the votes are tampered with, both opposition groups now go what Dr Besigye terms as ” Defiance ” with 10 million youth on streets of Kampala, and major cities, they can not kill every one.

This are the only two ways of realizing change. The first one is less expensive and peaceful, the latter is bloody. With the pain, agony and ethnicity we went through as a country, we need to wake up from our slumber nightmare and peace war!

Mwaka Lutukumoi

East Gulu