Dr Kiyingi and Bobi Wine can bring the desired change to Ugandans, Experts says

Dr Kiyingi and Bobi Wine can bring the desired change to Ugandans, Experts says.

Makerere university dons have advised Uganda’s opposition, hailing a combination of People Power, Our Power leader MP Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu and Dr Aggrey Kiyingi can end the 35years of National Resistance Army (NRA) rule in Uganda.

In an exclusive interview with three different political scientists, told Whisper Eye that Kyadondo East MP Kyagulanyi, also known as Bobi Wine represents the biggest population of the Country.

According to them, he has the will of the youth in Uganda and population that is willing to accept the government if it is formed.

However, Makerere university dons have raised concerns about how, MP Kyagulanyi can form, and run the government.

“Capturing power in Africa is totally different from public support. Forming up a government and running it is a wide discipline that needs expertise and foreign support, says a political scientist.”

They claim that a combination of Mr Wine, and Australian based cardiologist Dr Aggrey Kiyingi can be a blessing to Uganda’s opposition.

“Opposition in Uganda has no capacity to defeat president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in isolation, there is a need for them to make workable alliances, he added.”

Many people have trust in both Bobi Wine and Dr Aggrey Kiyingi to lead the peaceful change of government.

According to political dons say that Dr Kiyingi has the capacity to mobile the Western World, to support and facilitate a peaceful change of government.

They argue that it can be more easier for Bobi Wine and Dr Kiyingi united to convince other opposition political players to form a United Bloc against president Museveni.

However Dr Aggrey Kiyingi’s passport was confiscated by Uganda government in 2007, and he has never returned in Uganda.

Last Presidential elections, Dr Kiyingi had planed to contest with president Museveni but dined a chance by Uganda government.

The major challenge to Uganda, is that the Entebbe International Airport is under a lock down due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Political leaders, have no access to foreign countries, since even all board posts were locked as one of the preventive measures to fight the spread of Coronavirus in Uganda.