Uganda’s Covid-19 is political, Mp Zaake says

Uganda’s Covid-19 is political, Mp Zaake says. Whisper Eye Reports.

Mityana Municipality MP Zaake Francis Butebi speaks out on the deadly Covid-19 pandemic criticising Uganda government for politicising the disease.

The legislator congratulated all Ugandans on being compliant with the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines in regard to prevention of contracting Covid-19 Pandemic;

Washing hands regularly with soap or using sanitizers, Wearing masks while in public places.

Avoiding touching metals, wood, any surface in a public place without gloves and many others.

The above mentioned guidelines as downed to us through the Ministry of Health seem effective at alleviating the spread of the virus in circumstances where Corona virus exists among the population, according to hon Zaake.

‘Ugandans thought that the president meant well for the citizenry, alas! The contrary has been proven. He does not wish us well, many Ugandans have lost their livelihoods, many have permanently lost their businesses, lives and families in circumstances created by the so called presidential directives that are not even founded on law,’ says MP Zaake.

“Fellow Ugandans, allow me state that in regard to Covid19 there is a clear difference between the guidelines and presidential directives that is, the former is scientific and is effective on the real Covid-19 whereas the latter is political and very effective on the political type of Covid-19.” He added.

MP Zaake told Whisper Eye News that the Political type of Covid-19 is what exists in most African countries including Uganda, “at least, as of now I am convinced that politics has overshadowed the relevance of guidelines”.

He has blamed president Museveni for misusing the loyalty of Ugandans to his leadership.

“Mr Museveni took us for granted, he thought that we would not realize that his major object was to mimic the plight of those countries ravaged by real Covid-19 by turning it into a political game here at home”

“I want to challenge anybody who can prove that, there is real Covid-19 in Uganda to come up and prove the same, claims MP Zaake.”

MP Zaake has asked all politicians to wake-up and challenge the political measures of preventing the Covid-19.

All Presidential directives and demand for your rights and freedoms as provided for under the constitution including which is freedom of association, physically and otherwise.

“Most importantly, say no to digital campaigns, MP Zaake stated.”

Uganda’s opposition is united to challenge the Scientific Elections proposed by the EC led by Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama.