Besigye criticize UPDF for killing a clergy in Kasese, bends kneel

Besigye criticize UPDF for killing a clergy in Kasese, bends kneel Whisper Eye Updates

Four times presidential candidate Rtd Col Dr Kiiza Besigye Kifeefe has condemned the brutal killing of Rev Benon Musimenta in Kasese.

Yesterday Rev Benon Musementa (late) together with his wife, Mrs Musimenta were traveling on a motorcycle to their garden.

Along the way it is alleged that an officer in the Local Defense Unit (LDU) which was incorporated in the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) reserve forces shot Rev Musimenta on accusations of caring a passenger on a motorcycle and travelling without face masks.

Which is contrary to the presidential directives on preventing Covid-19 in Uganda.

Peoples government president Dr Besigye call upon the world to condemn the brutal killing of Rev Musimenta like it has been on the killing of a black American George Floyd in US.

‘A month ago, George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis by a white police officer, the whole world was enraged.

Ugandans went into a frenzy condemning the white racist behaviour,’ says Dr Besigye.

“Yesterday Reverand Benon Musimenta was killed by a UPDF officer in cold blood, but all Ugandans are quiet!, he said.”

Former president for the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) told Whisper Eye News that the lives of Ugandans matter also.

”From the People’s Government we say Ugandan lives matter. RIP Rev Benon Musimenta!, Col Besigye states.”

Many People have been killed by the LDU force, especially during the period of Covid-19 lock down.