Road to 2021: Network of Women in Politics,( NOWIP) condemns hiked fees for academic verification by NCHE

Network of Women in Politics, ( NOWIP) condemns hiked fees for academic verification by NCHE . Whisper Eye Reports                                     

The Network of Women in politics has called upon the Electoral Commission and other key stake holders to consider the already burdened Women politicians especially the aspiring candidates in Uganda as they re- strategize for the upcoming 2021 General Elections.

NOWIP slammed the hiked fees for academic verification by National Council for Higher Education for those seeking office in the upcoming elections.

NOWIP comprises of Uganda female politicians from all the political parties registered with Uganda Electoral commission, that is NRM, DP , FDC  ANT ,JEEMA , CP and other pressure groups like people power.

NCHE hiked the fees for the Academic paper’s verification exercise from 750,000 UGX to 2,000,000 UGX to political candidates before qualifying for any elective political seats.

The organisation for Women in politics insist this is not the time to make sharp ended amendments, decisions and guidelines. The population is already burdened with the economic after effects of COVID-19, says NOWIP

Babirye Liliane the chairperson of NOWIP based in Kololo told off the NCHE to consider the economic burden caused by covid-19 to Ugandans most especially the Women seeking leadership of the country.

Think about our fellow Women politicians in hard to reach areas and female political aspirants with disability, how are they going to move long distances in an effort to meet deadlines with these increased transport fares and the ongoing curfew? Let us make this election free and fair for everyone. Why are we making Democracy too expensive for the most vulnerable?  said Babirye Liliane

She said  that  these are all  stumbling blocks as we collect ourselves to come to terms with COVID -19 economic after effects.

NCHE had earlier in the week announced that it was to increase academic verification document charges which has created an outburst among key stake holders.

Those seeking political offices are also required to pay other fees for nomination and this is likely to drive the cost of elections higher because Members of Parliament are required to pay 3 million shillings as presidential candidates are required to pay 20 Million.

NCHE is yet to react about the situation however Ephraim Kamuntu , the Minister of Justice and Constitutional affairs told off political parties to only front candidates with clean academic documents instead of going through the pain of seeking equivalency verification by NCHE