Kasese residents applaud KALI organisation for fighting gender based violence and teenage pregnancies

Kasese residents applaud KALI organisation for fighting Gender based violence and teenage pregnancies. Whisper Eye Reports

Residents in Kasese have applauded Karambi Action for Life (KALI) for its recommendable efforts in fighting against gender based violence.

Research, and reports shows that gender based violence cases have increased mainly during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic lock.down.

Mr. Nzaghaale Kelly Bernard a law student at Kampala International University and an activist for human rights has appreciated KALI, an NGO based in Kasese municipality for tirelessly working to fight gender based violence.

KALI is very fundamental in following up cases relating to teenage pregnancies.

“I would like to thank the director KALI Ms Masika Scovia and the entire staff for working tooth and nail to reduce violence in the district,” says Mr Kelly.

“I would like to encourage you to continue till the vice is brought to it’s knees, he added.”

Violence has been one of reasons for poor performance in schools and poor productivity.

Mr Kelly called upon the general public to work together to fight the demon, to reduce school dropouts and ensure that children are encouraged to go back to school, stay in school and complete school.

‘I urge other civil society to join efforts as we fight against Gender based violence in the district,’ Mr Kelly said.”

According to the Executive Director, Ms Masika KALI recently rescued a girl of 16 years who was raped by the neighbor aged 54yeara.

This was in Nyakiyumbu Sub county, Bukonzo west, and the suspect was arrested.

KALI provide psychosocial support to the mother and her 16yr child.