BigNani Afrika releases new dancehall track “Kill Ah Man”

He has been releasing songs since he was 16 years old , this time Bignani Afrika has unleashed a new dance hall track !song! “Kill Ah Man” that has been well received due to its catchy beats and lyrics. Whisper Eye Reports

Bignani Afrika, whose real names is Walugembe Sulaimain is a Kawempe born commonly refereed to as the base of Uganda music.

This era of Covid-19 which has affected Uganda music , he has released a song with its video.

The singer who looks ready for the tight Uganda music challenge complete with dreadlocks teamed up with Producer Wana DJ and Kampala top video producer “Dat Guy Delta ” to produce the track in which he expresses love, culture, for a Kindergarten teacher who stepped on the dance floor .

Kill Ah Man By BigNani Afrika

Bignani has new songs coming this year and some of other new songs recorded over time .

He commands a good audience in the country, has since been able to release a couple of songs.

“Kill Ah Man ” follows the release of his “Yiwamu ” single in December last year, in which he featured with DJ Fikie .

According to Bignani “Kill Ah Man ” will be part of his new upcoming album dubbed, “Africa Mama Land”, that is due for release later this year

The Kawempe based music is on all musical platforms , YouTube , Spotify VEVO and others in the names BigNani Afrika.