Shocking: MP Nambooze: The reason why Sarah Kanyike crossed to Museveni

Mukono municipality MP, who is also the vice president of the Democratic Party (DP) in Buganda region Betty Nambooze Bakireke encourages opposition members to be weakened by former deputy Lord Mayor hajat Sarah Kanyike Ssebaggala.

In a detailed document MP Nambooze has accepted that president Museveni made a political attack at the opposition the base of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA).

The document reads;

Dear fellow activists in the struggle,

Am known as an outspoken person but the raid that was conducted on our camp in the Capital City caught most of us unaware.

To say that I didn’t register a loss when news came in that the Deputy Lord Mayor had jumped ship to side with the oppressor will be to lie to you.

Hajjat Sarah Kanyike in a disguised manner crossed and joined the oppressors camp.

Sarah has been the most senior DP woman in the Capital City.

Sarah Kanyike has been conducting herself so well and there was no reason whatsoever for one to suspect that she was that vulnable

She looked and acted so stable and committed to the struggle.

Sarah has nothing against the opposition, we allowed her to attain her full potential all the time she has been with us.

Under Mayor Owek Ssebaana John Lizito she was the City Speaker, In DP she was the Party Treasurer and under hon Eras Lukwago she has been the trusted and empowered Deputy Lord Mayor.

No wonder Hajjat Sarah has no signs of frustration or discrepancy.

So Sarah’s crossing to the junta’s side was deliberate and voluntary.

It’s so sad that by the way her appointment came out, she had been in contact with our tormentors for sometime since no one can be appointed to a public officer of that nature without consent and or application.

Mr Museveni knows that there is no crisis bigger than living as a society without leaders.

He therefore targets our leaders, lay traps for them and leave the masses leaderless.

Hajjat Sarah you join your namesake Dr Sarah Muwonge Nkonge, Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi, my late sister Maria Mutagamba…., all these being able DP women who were compromised by the Junta.

If we are to rewind and see the leaders we have lost to the junta, you will appreciate why concluding this struggle has taken so long.

You would also learn to value individuals who continue to stay steady as we further the push against the dictatorship.

Democracy and pluralism in Uganda are under assault and the Dictator is toiling to stamp out the last vestiges of dissent to further spread and entrench his harmful influence.

At the same time, many colleagues are dramatically narrowing their concerns and mission from the National to self achievements.

In fact, such leaders are increasingly willing to break away from the struggle and disregard the investment society has accorded to them, that uplifted us all to positions where we are that definitely makes us marketable.

Finally, I wish to thank Hajjat Sarah for standing for and with the oppressed and we want her to know that she has given some of us reason to fight harder.

Let’s not fool ourselves that Sarah is taking a non partisan, non political office.

That office is for only the remuneration but the true assignment she has been given is to mobilise the women, youth, all types of people for Mr Museveni for 2021 general elections.

If Sarah had honestly decided to leave elective politics and join non political leadership civil, she would have informed the Lord Mayor and some of us about her decision.

What Sarah did behind the back of a man who trusted her with so much responsibility and honour?

What Sarah did to the people of Makindye who voted for her to represent them at KCCA for five years is for all intent and purpose a betrayal?

We shall not curse you Sarah, we pray for you….who knows you may even rejoin us one day or better still, that this Dictatorship will collapse and people like you will be liberated from the jaws of tyrant.

I use this opportunity also to congratulate the Lord Mayor for being able to reconstitute his executive team and to Doreen Nyanjula upon being elevated to a position of increased responsibility.

Forward ever backward never; we shall overcome