Uganda police deny stealing Suspect’s expensive phone

Uganda police deny stealing Suspect;s expensive phone. Whisper Eye Reports.

Uganda police has denied stealing a suspect expensive phone after being arrested for defying the presidential order of 7:00PM curfew.

Mr Kabanzi Gerald a resident of Kyaliwajala – Namugongo in Wakiso, accused a police officer whose name is not yet identified.

The suspect, alleged that he was arrested and the police officer took his expensive phone, thus demanded for his phone from the police officer.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson SP Patrick Onyango told Whisper Eye News that police have watched and noted a footage of a notorious criminal attacking and accusing Police Officer of allegedly stealing his mobile phone.

‘The true facts is that Police in Kyaliwajala, Kampala carried out an operation to enforce the Presidential directives on COVID-19 in and around their areas of responsibility,’ says SP Onyango.

“The notorious criminal in the footage called Kabanzi Gerald was arrested during the curfew time operating and selling his shop at around 2100 hours., he added.”

Mr Kabanzi was taken to Police and charged but before he could be put into custody he jumped and ran away from the station, according to SP Onyango.
A video when the suspect demands his phone from police officers

‘He was charged for escaping from lawful custody.

He later appeared the following day claiming that he had left his phone with Police,’ SP Onyango explained.

The suspect (Kabanzi) ran away leaving nothing at the counter.

The KMP spokesperson said that police suspect Kabanzi’s phone fell while he was running away from counter, he was advised to officially to report the matter for investigation.

However instead he decided to go and attack the officers on duty.

‘We have established that the suspect is a notorious criminal whose gang was dismantled recently and his partners in crime are in Luzira Prison,’ SP Onyango said.

Again Mr Kabanzi escaped again from the Station, he was traced, and tried to resist arrest.

Police used reasonable force to have him subdued.

He was eventually arrested, and being charged with escaping from lawful custody.

SP Onyango hailed the officers for being professional and calm even after the alleged criminal tried to provoke them up to the extent of pulling their uniforms, which would call for action by the officers.

‘The kind of discipline the officers exhibited was commendable,’ he stated.