Big Story: How Bobi Wine hoodwinked Museveni spies with fake coordinators

How Bobi Wine hoodwinked president Museveni spies with fake coordinators, appoints real political strategists. Whisper Eye Reports.

People Power Movement supreme leader, also Kyadondo East MP Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu hoodwinked spies working for president Museveni with fake coordinators in his preparations for 2021 presidential elections.

Pop Music star turned into politician popularly known by his stage name Bobi Wine, last year declared to contest with president Museveni in the forthcoming presidential elections.

Immediately after his announcement, MP Kyagulanyi unveiled his national coordination team for the presidential campaigns.

Our intelligence has found out that among the coordinators list, Mr Wine included many fake coordinators to hoodwink president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

A reliable source from Kamwokya told Whisper Eye, that Hon Kyagulanyi appointed many fake coordinators to confuse the state, and he has achieved it.

Many politicians have been using People Power coordinators as a yard stick to determine the strength of Bobi Wine, which is wrong.

Among fake coordinators whom MP Kyagulanyi appointed with intelligence that were working for the enemy include;

  • Jei county MP Adome Bildard Moses in Kotido. Hon Adome denounced the appointment claiming that he was not consulted before he was appointed.

“Looking at the list, it’s surely presumption by the People Power group that whoever voted against the age limit is for them. This is not true to some of us,’ says Adome.

Adome was appointed by Bobi Wine as the team leader Karamoja sub region.

  • Amuria Woman MP Susan Amero also distanced her self from Magere based political movement.

She told Whisper Eye that she had no idea of the appointment and she has no intention to quit the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party.

She was appointed as the team leader of Teso sub region.

  • Buyaga West legislator Barnabas Tinkasimire shocked the world when he publicly said that he can not join People Power Movement.

‘I can not quit an established political Party like NRM, to join a pressure group like People Power,’ says MP Tinkasimire.

He was appointed as the team leader Bunyoro sub region.

  • Rogers Nabassa, appointed as the spokesperson by People Power Movement, western region.

Mr Nabassa meet President Yoweri Museveni and denounced People Power Movement.

  • Bosmic Otim Lucky is a popular artist in northern region.

He was too close to the Kyagulanyi family, however just a few couple of months ago he denounced People Power Movement and met president Museveni at state house.

  • Ronald Mayinja, Popular artist was appointed on the Entertainment committee of People Power to mobilise fellow artist across the country.

Just few months later artist Mayinja stated his new Movement, alleged to fight People Power Movement.

  • Ashburg Kato, the controversial former social media mouthpiece for Bobi Wine denounced ‘Fadha’ (MP Kyagulanyi) and his political Movement.

Mr Ashburg met president Museveni and was given Five cows to fight People Power Movement and promote Muhoozi project 2026.

However intelligence told us that Mr Wine had discovered Ashburg and he was given a yellow barret in the vedio of his popular song ‘Tuliyambala Engule’ portraying him (Ashburg) as a traitor.

  • Kirumira Lwanga, very selfish person with links to Rwanda government. Since he was appointed he has never performed any People Power activity .

A reliable source told Whisper Eye, that People Power principal has information about him.

He bribed some people coordinators from greater Masaka to get on the list.

  • Erute South legislator Odur Jonathan from Lango, from Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) has never associated him self with People Power Movement since he was appointed.

  • Sam Mali, a member of Democratic Party (DP) from Bugishu sub region, he is promoting DP president Norbert Moa to contest for presidency come 2021.

Mr Wine may have achieved his target, appointing such coordinators new that president Museveni will buy them off, and concentrate on then yet they are fake.

These coordinators are not aware about what is taking place inside People Power, yet Mr Museveni has spent a lot buy the off.

Reliable source inside People Power told us, that MP Kyagulanyi has started aligning his true political strategists and coordinators with one mission to dislodge president Museveni come 2021.