Politcal Violence! KCCA PRO Robert Kalumba survives death as mob linked to NUP attacks him in Owino

Just In: KCCA PRO Robert Kalumba survives death as mob attacks him in Owino. Whisper Eye Reports

Owino Market traders have attacked and beaten Kampala Capital City Authority spokesman Robert Kalumba.

Mr Kalumba was wearing a KCCA shirt at the time of the attack.

Police quickly responded as the  KCCA Public Relations Officer  risked  lynching to death by suspected NUP supporters.

Mr Kalumba is yet to issue a statement on his attack however some media outlets reports that  Bobi Wine supporters are allegedly behind the attack.

Kampala Post an online media reports that it’s NUP supporters that attacked the KCCA mouthpiece.

Whisper Eye was unable to verify that it’s indeed NUP supporters behind the attack as the information was still coming in by the time of this story.

NUP supporters are accused of having attacked NRM suporters on the nomination day when they pelted stones at motorcycle riders donning yellow t-shirts with President Museveni’s portrait.


NUP Cordinator for Lubaga North Hon Mubiru James denied the allegations aganist NUP and it’s leadership .

These acts are state managed to create a suitation that NUP is a violent group, we still insist we are peaceful and our vision is peace, said Mubiru .

Never take such allegations from NRM people , now why would NUP attack aKCCA PRO , for what , added Mubiru before he hanged up.

However, the Senior Presidential Advisor on Special Operations Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba recently warned Bobi Wine and his group that they would be simply defeated if they wanted a fight.

“I told you, my young brother, that you can NEVER intimidate us. We are much stronger than you can ever imagine to be. If you want to fight we will simply defeat you. We want peace! But if you attempt to fight us then Bring it on!” Gen Kainerugaba tweeted on November 3.

President Museveni has in the past warned against the use of violence by opposition elements to intimidate NRM supporters.

“Don’t intimidate people. People were being attacked and one of our girls near Kiseka market was beaten. Those who beat her will have to pay. You have absolutely no right to attack me for wanting to vote. We shall deal with those idiots. People are playing around too much. You have no right absolutely to speak to me rudely. I am in my country, in my house, doing my work and besides my right. You have no right to attack me,” the president said.

“We are going to crash those criminals. You have no right to bark at me. What have I done (to warrant barking)?”


In 2017, Mr. Museveni reminded the hooligans intimidating peaceful Ugandans the NRM is the master of disciplined and purposeful violence.

“I want to warn all those who are threatening people, akabwa akasiru kayigga enjovu [a foolish dog hunts an elephant]… to think that you can threaten NRM, and you use violence, yet NRM is the master of violence but our violence is disciplined and purposeful,” a tough-talking Museveni said.

“I will really want to advise anybody who has got illusions that he can use violence and shut up [our people]; we shall not waste time,” Museveni said then.