Kasese: People Power coordinator threatens to sue MP Winnie Kizza if she fails to contest in 2021

Kasese: Youthful Bernard threatens to sue Kasese Woman MP Winnie Kiiza. Whisper Eye Reports.

People Power Movement coordinator for Bukonzo East county Kelly Bernards has threatened to sue Kasese woman MP Winnie Kiiza if she fails to contest for the same seat in 2021.

Reports are circulating in Kasese district that former leader of opposition Hon Winnie Kiiza may not contest for Kasese woman MP seat in 2021.

Kelly as a concerned resident of Kasese district vows to sue the legislator if she does not contest.

“I would like to thank hon Kiiza for tirelessly working for the people of Kasese with love and passion.

Your efforts towards the development and peace building in Kasese cannot be ignored, says Mr Bernards.”

“I however would like to inform you that if you don’t contest for woman MP prepare your lawyers to battle with us in court because that will be betrayal and in reference to Article 1 of the Constitution.

Power belongs to the people, they determine who should lead them and how they should be led, he said.”

Mr Bernards told Whisper Eye that with all MP Kiiza efforts, the legislator still remain people’s choice.

According to Mr Bernards, there are few elements that are fighting MP Kiiza but the biggest percentage of Kasese residents have no option.