Besigye will appear on 2021 ballot despite a popular aspiration to have Kyagulanyi represent us, says SDP Lubowa Henry

Besigye will appear on 2021 presidential ballot despite a popular aspiration to have hon Kyagulanyi represent us, says SDP secretary general Mr Lubowa Henry. Whisper Eye Reports.

Social Democratic Party (SDP) secretary general Mr Lubowa Henry has made a contagious prediction, how Dr Kiiza Besigye Kifeefe can’t miss on the 2021 Uganda presidential ballot.

Mr Lubowa has analysed Rtd Col Dr Kiiza Besigye, since he joined opposition in 1999, where he made it as the joint opposition presidential candidate in 2001.

Mr Lubowa states;

Those who don’t know Dr Besigye think he could join Bobi Wine as a running mate or that he might just not show up on the ballot.

They are naive. The Kiiza Besigye team I know, will run for presidency, and two, they won’t be with Kyagulanyi, unless Kyagulanyi was to stand down for them.

It’s only last time that Besigye was not very prepared.

This time, Besigye has been meticulous.

He laid his tracks well and I will show you four of the 6 well worked out game checks he has moved.

  • He started a war with General Gregory Mugisha Muntu in time.

Gen. Muntu was the only opponent he had in FDC. The Muntu purge was well worked and timed.

He knew that Muntu might not stand the humiliation anymore.

And thats what happened. Muntu’s departure from FDC created an undisputed monopoly of a cult form in Dr Besigy

  • The Besigye team killed the position of Leader of Opposition (LOP).

One way in which an alternative leader could have emerged was a powerful LOP.

Besigye has always fought to kill the of office leader of opposition, even if it were his friend – Salam Musumba, Besigye would have fought her.

Therefore when Hon Winnie Kiiza performed so well, it caused discomfort to the Kiiza Besigye power base in Najjanankumbi that had Winnie’s fate a ready decided even though it meant losing grip of Kasese.

Therefore, with a Besigye project, it was going to be difficult for Winnie to retain her position especially then, that people were naming her as a possible candidate.

  • Then came Hon Amuriat defeating Gen Muntu.

With POA won, it was clear that the most senior Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) leader in parliament was Hon Nandala Mafabi, the new Secretary General.

But Hon Nandala and his ambition, and a Kiiza Besigye agenda, they couldn’t let him be LOP.

So they picked the most unlikely choice.

One that would kill any thoughts in that position, and Betty Achan was the perfect choice in a Besigye plan.

It has worked. For example during COVID-19
the LOP couldn’t say even a word about government failure, it was Besigye all through.

That’s how FDC killed the LOP.

  • The People’s Government’s most active members are not accidentally non FDC.

Its carefully choreographed to deny FDCs arms reach to the big position while maintaining the engine running with people of an outsiders’ chance be close to the throne.

These and 2 others, (which I won’t go in now) will show you that Dr Besigye will be nominated alongside HE Bobi Wine despite a popular aspiration to have Hon Kyagulanyi represent us all.