Re-Angella Namirembe tale on Sexual Harrasment in people power movement led by Bobi Wine

On 5th June, 2020 at 2:54 AM Ms Namirembe Angella wrote on her Facebook account a statement titled “Women in Political Space” . Whisper Eye Reports.

Whisper Eye was concerned why a young female politician the National Youth Coordinator of People Power in Buganda Region has sleepless nights.

We made efforts on the 6th June, 2020 to reach her and we had a successful interview.

We have never intended to publish false news, whatsoever.

We are much aware that there is pressure from political actors mainly from people power led by Bobi Wine, who have threatened Ms Namirembe Angella because of political reasons.

The first story on Angella Namirembe tale on sexual harassment

A screen shot from Namirembe Angella Facebook titled Women in politcal space.

However, Whisper Eye is not part of intimidation and we shall not bow down to any form of intimidation against our resolve to keep Ugandans and our millions of our readers informed.

A second screen shot showing clearly a public post from Angella telling men to zip up.

We are to bring more stories from the interview with Ms Namirembe Angella, and we shall keep you posted.

This is Whisper Eye, Ultimate Truth.