Promote agriculture to fight poverty, says Bukomansimbi LC V hopeful Bulegeya

Promote agriculture to fight poverty, says Bukomansimbi L.C V hopeful Bulegeya. Whisper Eye Reports

Kampala city businessman and agriculturalist Bulegeya Julius asks residents of Bukomansimbi to venture in agriculture as the possible way to fight poverty.

Mr Bulegeya told Whisper Eye, that he is willing to develop the agricultural sector in the district.

Bukomansimbi district was curved from Masaka district, and is known for growing coffee and banana (Matooke).

Uganda’s first prime minister, Benedicto Kiwanuka developed coffee farming in the area in early 1960s which laid a firm foundation.

There is a need to help our people through promoting agriculture as the major source of income.

‘I love agriculture and encourage all young people In Bukomansimbi to do so because they will become important people in life,’ says Mr Bulegeya.

” As a youth and a visonary leader let us all fall our moto as ‘Twegatte’ ,’Tulime’, ‘Tulunde’, ‘Tusomese’, ‘Tukulakulane’.(Unity, agriculture, Educate and Development). And I will go for NRM primaries for the post of district Chairperson, he said.”

Youthful Bulegeya Julius is a born of Kasenyi village, Kiganggazzi parish, in Bigasa Sub county.

He went to Busagula primary, Mbulire Senior Secondary School, Masaka S.S.S.

Mr Bulegeya joined Makerere university where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and then Michigan university, USA for Masters Criminal justice law.