Keep away bodabodas from Kampala , NBS TV anchor Kasumba asks Museveni

Next media journalist Samson Kasumba Mulumba took on twitter to call upon president Museveni to ban bodabodas in Kampala capital city. Whisper Eye Reports

Kasumba a popular figure at NBS news hours is disturbed by what he terms boda boda don’t keep traffic rules , order and policy.

He asks president Museveni that they should only be allowed to return if they are ready to pledge order and observe traffic rules.

Kasumba who was this year arrested and given police bond on unknown charges found a rough time with his followers who questioned his request.

Mark Keith Muhumuza asked Kasumba whether this was a matter of enforcing the traffic rules by pledge in or they should swear an oath or make blood oath and others wondered how he would compare Rome to Kampala.

This week on Monday president Museveni while easing the lockdown restrictions on public transportation he totally banned boda bodas in transporting passengers but to continue carrying cargo as a sign of social distancing in a country battling covid-19 pandemic.