” I can’t breathe!, no you can breathe where you are wanted- Africa “

By Mwaka Lutukumoi

” I can’t breathe!, no you can breathe where you are wanted- africa. “

Friends, today it was a turning point in my life, I discovered that humanity was one until, evil IDEOLOQUES like those that created world pandemics to control, came to control us.

” I CAN’T BREATHE, BLACK LIVES MATTER ” was all I heard as I joined the historic demonstration against police brutality, a day ago. International INSTITUTE of family development organized a zoom talk bringing great minds to discuss how to socially, economically, culturally and politically change the status of black people and stop wanton brutality.

In early days, humans were humans! The same blood and same believe. Ideoloques came in with dangerous ideas. Of masters above servants, of superior and inferior races.

The whites in Europe were happy and settled, the Red Indians, call them natives were happy in America and had a social. Cultural, political and every strata. They had what it took to live, the yellow people in Asia were happy and Aborigins in Australia too like blacks in Africa.

When, evil spirits attacked so called wise people, they came with religious belief. Created the Bible, inserted a verse in Genesis, the story of Noah and sons, nudity and indiscipline. One shem became white and the indiscipline one black and slave!

Read Genesis 18_27, tells you all. Again Ephesian 5-7 ” Servants (blacks) be obedient to them that are your masters according to flesh with trembling in singleness of your heart. ” imagine, you must shake and tremble! Meaning, a white master is jesus, actually there is no native jesus, black or yellow, Chinese, Japanese etc. The rest are evil. A reason for what we see.

Friends, when they reached America, from Europe, they came with the cross, the flag, union Jack followed. They realized the Natives believed in a strong God and had a strong culture. They engaged in genocide. Tried to wipe them out of earth but God is God. Everything native is evil. Extermination was the thing, they managed to take their land but culture kept them. When they realized oneness is good, who can finish them , the natives are back.

After realizing, their uncles were in Africa, with over 40% of world resources, Gold, oils. Diamond etc, they descended there to get man power to run their industries and sugar cane plantations. For the natives were nearly finished.

In 1884, they unashamedly sat in Berlin Germany and divided Africa, a single continent into 52-4 countries. Others personal. Like Britain, France, Portugal and Italy etc took their shares.

Those under French became Franco Fon, French speaking and France Territory to loot. Britain, Anglo Fon, for English loot. Then greedy rich guys then, Bill Gates is a philanthropist in away, other factors remains constant, Leopold was simply greedy and a true father of white supremacists. He killed over 15 million black people in Congo for not paying taxes.

Already a number of Africans were enslaved, THANKS to white supremacists and evil ideologues.


Having analysed these evil, I now believe that there is a small percentage of the grand children of these intoxicated people. They are the very rich owning to the wealth they inherited from parents who were die hard slaves masters and thieves who sacked Africa dry.

I have come to believe that, there’s a critical mass of great white people being soiled by the few! I have discovered that they made the laws and immunity to protect such people. Most are in police, don’t be surprised with brutality. Infact they have defenders who are in charge of governance. Police are protected with immunity no wonder the impunity.

The same people form the system that controls the world. They work through economic hitmen to achieve ends. They support china, Russia, and all autocratic regimes clandestinely. Imagine, in Africa, we have Presidents of 40, 35 years as presidents. Imagine, they call them new breed of African leaders. But in the west, they change governments but in those areas they continue to supress through neo colonialism and by bankrolling dictators and funding wars. They prevail.

Human beings, Governor Cuomo of New York asked ” why the same thing, nothing change, the color remains black.

God! We are many, let’s defeat evil, let us reconstruct our minds, and believe that we can become the owners of what belongs to us. Black, or coloured, and friends of black people, there is a home where you are wanted and you can breath, Africa. Let the DAISPORA come together. Mobilize resources, reshape Africa and build a continent for us all. When we come together, we will stop neocolonialsm and agents in the shape of dictators.

My thoughts. Yes, we can get fresh air, breathe again.