When a corporal defects, what’s important is that the Generals remain, Ssenyonyi on Ashburg exit to NRM

Uganda leading politcal force the people power our power has spoken out on what should be Ashburg defection. Whisper Eye Reports.

This comes at the defection of Ashburg Kato to President Museveni’s NRM, the ruling party from Kamwokya based pressure group.

Since the surprise defection of people power politcal senior social media general Mr Ashraf Kato , the mainstream social media has been a wash with all insults among NRM and People Power supporters.

The new leading politcal group led by Kyadondo East MP Hon Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine kept mute without any response to the defection of Ashburg Kato.

Kato has not only kept making provocative kind of statements but he has also named top dogs from the group leadership on the NRM receiving end.

He has also received an NRM party card from historical NRM cadre and Vice Chairman of NRM Alhajji Moses Kigongo.

All these have happened with the support of Balaam a self appointed NRM mobiliser.

On 30th May 2020 the official mouthpiece of people power posted on his facebook page on what is a clear response on the defection of Ashburg to NRM.

Comrades in the struggle, I hope all is well with you. We appreciate all of you who do whatever you can in a bid to see our country acquire change and get better. A statement reads .

As we keep gaining ground, not everyone will be happy about our progress, and so the detractors will do everything to cut our speed. One of the ways in which this is done is through propaganda. He adds.

He states that, Many things have been said, and will be said in a bid to cause disarray in our camp, but let’s remain focussed. Let’s keep our eyes on the ball. Just like a hunter, let’s not lose sight of the gazelle just because a squirrel has dashed by.

Reaction on Ashburg Exit

Some comrades in the struggle will even fall off for whatever reason, but let’s keep moving. When a corporal defects (and many corporals will defect), let’s not lose sleep, what’s important is that the Generals remain.
Said Ssenyonyi.

The former News anchor added, as far as I’m concerned, the Generals are the Ugandans out there who are yearning for change, whether they be in the ghetto or in the upscale suburbs, educated or not, rich or poor, but want to see a country better than the one we have now.

In conclusion he added that whenever we spend time fighting each other as opposed to fighting Mr. Museveni’s regime, we weaken the struggle, we let down the many Ugandans who have hope in us. Comrades, as we often emphasize, let’s major on majors and minor on minors. Aluta Continua.