Gen Muhoozi names four great military heroes including Gen Paul Kagame

Gen Muhoozi names four great military heroes including Paul Kagame. Whisper Eye Reports.

Uganda’s first son Lieutenant General Muhoozi Kainerugaba has praised the late Fred Gisa Rwegyima as one the great military heroes.

Rwigyema was on 10th April 1957; Gitarama, Rwanda and died on 2nd October 1990 at Nyabwenshogozi Hill at the rank of Major General.

Gen Muhoozi in a tweet said that this region has seen four great military offices;

General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the president of the Republic of Uganda, General Salim Saleh (born Celeb Akandwanaho), President Paul Kagame of Rwanda who is at the rank of (OF-7) which is “General Major”, which is one of the most respected officer ranks in the Rwandan military, and the late Fred Rwegyima.

‘In my life it has always been very simple. Mzee, Afande Saleh, Afande Kagame, Afande Rwigyema,’ says Gen Muhoozi.

“These were always the greatest military heroes, he states.”