Mpigi Youth back Amelia Kyambadde for Mawokota North 2026

A group of youths from Kololo parish, in Kiringente sub county Mpigi district endorsed senior presidential advisor on Industry Hon Ann Amelia Kyambadde for Mawokota North MP seat in 2026. #WhisperEyeNews

The group invited Hon Amelia Kyambadde to a function as the guest of honour to celebrate their football cup they won recently as Kololo Football Club at Kololo village in Kiringente sub-county, Mpigi district.

Kololo Secondary School joined Kololo Village to form a football club which won the Ssemwogerere Memorial Cup which is played annually.

The youth chairperson of Kololo village Sserunjoji Umar told Whisper Eye News, that they are to vote for Amelia Kyambadde in 2026 since she is supporting their projects including developing talents and creating avenues for jobs through skilling programs and helping their small associations.

Hon Amelia receiving gifts from Mpigi youth

Mr Ssebadduka Richard, the LC. II chairperson of Kololo parish said that during Amelia’s tenure in parliament, she extended electricity power lines to Kololo and water among other programs.

“Hon Kyambadde extended electricity power line to Kololo, Water, and she had various projects among women and youths which things are missed today. So we are backing her 2026 Mawokota North MP bid,” Mr Ssebadduka explained.

The group also gifted Hon Kyambadde Matooke, sugar cans, and yellow bananas, among other items.
“This is awesome to receive gifts from the youths, it’s a sign of appreciation for our work. I promise to continue working with them to fight poverty through various ventures including; skilling, developing talents, and supporting agriculture,” says Hon Amelia Kyambadde.

The chairperson of the tournament Solomon Mwanja ‘The Servant’ appreciated Hon Amelia for her contribution to developing talents among the youth in Kiringente sub County.