Coronavirus: President Museveni has clarified on easing the lockdown as follows

The president has clarified as follows tonight.

  • Shops dealing in general merchandise will open on May 26.
  • Public transport (involving taxis,buses, and mini buses) will resume on June 4.
  • Education Institutions (targeting only finalists at all levels) will resume on June 4. Government is still discussing how finalists in the 40 boarder districts whose public transport remains closed for the next 21 days will move to their institutions of learning.
  • Private vehicles will start operating on May 26 with only three people including the driver.
  • The ministry of Health will use this week to guide people on the right masks. Occupants of the private vehicles are allowed to purchase these right masks if they are in a rush to move starting May 26 as they wait for government masks.
  • Privately, people will also be allowed to make masks under guidance from the health ministry. This implies UNBS will come on board to inspect your works as opposed to the government masks that have already been cleared by UNBS. So, our private local dealers are not left out as long as you follow the right steps for the required masks.