Vision group missing accountant, Kabasweka found dead

Christine Akiiki Kabasweka , a professional accountant of vision groups is dead.

Christine attached to vision group in Mbarara went missing for days , found dead. Whisper Eye has learnt.

Anita Rita Mastika ,a workmate and a friend of the deceased made numerous calls to the deceased without her picking , which raised suspicion to what would have happened . Local media reports.

Akiiki was last seen a live on Wednesday at her office.

Her friends after two days without seeing her , they found her body in her house located along Bucunku Road , Mbarara multiplicity.

unverified reports indicate she was disturbed by a letter terminating her from job, don’t rule out suicide one person was heard saying.

However the Rwizi Regional Police Spokesperson Samson Kasasira says as police no case of a missing person was registered and police investigations have kicking off to determine her death.

Vision Group confirmed her death.