Uganda gov’t to construct a museum and monument at Katonga River as a symbol for 1986 NRA liberation war success

Uganda government to construct a museum and monument at Katonga river as symbol for the success of 1986 liberation war. Whisper Eye Reports.

The government of Uganda has launched a project to construct a monument and a museum at River Katonga in Mpigi district.

This tourism site will be a symbol for the success of the six-year liberation war lead by president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in 1980-1986.

Lt. Gen. Pecos Kutesa that the government is to start with securing land measuring 30 Acres from neighboring land lords.

‘We are going to buy land from our good neighbors,’ says Gen. Pecos.

“This site will add much to the tourism industry, so we need good cooperation with the community. It will Benefit the country, starting with the people of Mpigi. ” he added

Gen Pecos appreciated residents of Mpigi who provided support to National Resistance Army (NRM) fighters during the bush war.

After the capture of River Katonga the success of the 1986 liberation war was inevitable.