Lake Victoria waters strike Entebbe Kitubulu , road impassable.

Lake Victoria waters hit Entebbe Kitubulu Road impassable. Whisper Eye Reports.

Entebbe-Kitubulu road users yesterday tested the bitterness of flooding Lake Victoria.

Areas around Lake Victoria have been greatly affected by flooding Lake Victoria.

Environmentalist say that due to deforestation, pollution, degradation of wetlands and rivers count for the recent floods around Lake Victoria.
Floods from a heavy down pour

In 1964 Lake Victoria water level rose to 13.41 meters crossing Entebbe Road at Ssese gate way Beach destroying a lot of property.
Areas around entebbe affected by high levels of Lake Victrola

Today the same water has come again raising to 13:42 meters crossing all beaches, Entebbe-Kitubulu road, destroying property.

Luzira bay, Bunjakko bay, Masaka-Bukakatta, Kasensero are all flooded