Agony: Kampala NUP Woman MP aspirant Shamim Malende lost chief finance sponsor “Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata”

Agony: Kampala NUP woman MP aspirant Shamim Malende lost chief finance sponsor Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata

National Unity Platform (NUP) party flag bearer for Kampala district woman MP Shamim Malende faces tough time as her main financial sponsor was the late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte.

Kibuli Muslim community spokesperson who died on Friday last week after suffering illness a couple of weeks ago.

Reliable source intimated to Whisper Eye that since November 2020, after the burial of the late Sheikh Anas Kaliisa, Sheikh Muzaata developed illness and was admitted to hospital until his death.

Since Sheikh Muzaata’s illness Ms Shamim Malende’s parliamentary campaign has been greatly affected.

Sources revealed to us that the late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte had mentored his daughter (Shamim Malende) politically and promised her full support.

Unless Ms Malende finds new sponsors, she is faced with a tough road a head to finance her parliamentary bid for Kampala district woman MP.

NUP is bound to lose the seat despite high chances to win it before.

Whisper Eye spotted counsel Malende at the Virgil of the late Sheikh Muzaata, at Ketifalawo puzzled on what is next, after the death of the outspoken Muslim Imam leader in Uganda.

Muzaata was the director of Dawa and spokesperson of the Kibuli Muslim faction.

He was also the head of Dawa in Uganda, a teacher of Arabic, Islamic philanthropist, marriage teacher and counsellor.