Exclusive : Coronavirus scare in Mpigi as residents hide away from a truck driver

Exclusive : Coronavirus Scare in Mpigi as Residents hide away from Truck driver.Whisper Eye Reports.

Residents of Buwama town in Mpigi district have this afternoon hid away after a Truck driver who asked for a mechanic help from them.

A Tanzanian national a driver of trailer T274 BSD wanted two litters of diesel engine oil after his vehicle mechanically stopped due to lack of engine oil.

The embattled driver at 10:00am pleaded for help but no body could get nearby him.

The immediate Police officers who arrived at the scene ordered the scared truck drivee not to get out of the truck, as a response to prevent the community from Covid-19 infections.

After two hours one good Samaritan who had a sanitiser helped the drive to bring him two litres of Diesel engine oil.

This comes at a time when Uganda is still under a lockdown after a serious spread of Coronavirus among Truck Drivers.

President Yoweri Museveni called upon all Ugandans to ignore truck drivers.

Uganda covid 19 cases stand at 126 as new cases reported are mainly Truck Drivers.