South Sudan’s coronavirus cases rise to 156

South Sudan on Sunday reported 36 new coronavirus cases, taking the country’s total to 156 confirmed infection.

In statements on Sunday, Richard Laku, director of planning and research at the health ministry said the confirmed cases include two Ugandan nationals, a Kenyan and a Congolese national.

Laku further said that confirmed that locally transmitted infections rose in the country without giving the number of patients infected inside the country.

The first cases of COVID-19 involved travellers arriving from abroad.

The ministry of environment will launch a campaign to disinfect markets and public transport as part of the government efforts to prevent the spread of the respiratory disease.

Activists on the social media released a video showing the Michael Makuei information minister urging people to go to work after saying South Sudan is free of coronavirus.

“South Sudan is free of coronavirus so people have to work,” Makuei said on Friday.

South Sudan confirmed its first coronavirus case on 5 April.