Mpigi District RDC intensifies fight against Covid-19

Mpigi District RDC intensifies fight against Covid-19 , Whisper Eye Reports

Mpigi District Resident Commissioner Rosemary Byabasaija lead a team of District Covid-19 Task Force to give out food to starving residents.

A number of villages in Mpigi Town Council benefited in the program.

People with Disabilities, People living with HIV/AIDs, tax drives, and elderly were considered first.

‘We have received food from many people but we still need more,’ says Byabasaija.

‘I thank Minister Kyambadde, hon Sarah Nakawunde, Kabaka of Buganda through Kayima, among other people who have contributed relief in terms of food to us,’ RDC Byabasaija added.

Mpigi District is one of the districts that need more support in terms of food as many people living in the district where working in Kampala and Wakiso.

Mis Byabasaija asked Mpigi residents to stay calm and safe from coronavirus.

“As a team we are trying everything possible to protect our people. ” Byabasaija stated.