Relief as Coronavirus Vaccine Human trials set to kickoff

USA leading drug firms  Pfizer Inc and BioNTech SE early Tuesday begun delivering doses as many as they can for their experimental coronavirus vaccines for human testing in United States .

The drug maker in partnership with Germany said if the Vaccine proves safe and effective among the human  trials,  it will be ready for wide distribution by end of year .

As this comes at a time when the world is puzzled on what next after no vaccine yet for a deadly on Covid 19.

This means the new vaccine will kill of vaccine development timeline.

According to this vaccine,  it uses messenger RNA (mRNA) technology, has the potential to be among the first vaccines against the deadly  virus that has infected more than 3 .5 million people world wide and killed more than “250,000 people worldwide.

WHO still maintains there are no approved treatments or vaccines for covid 19 .

The much awaited  U.S. study is part of a broader, global program already underway in Germany, where BioNTech is based.

AS for Uganda , Covid 19 is still a threat infecting 97 , 55 recovered and no death.

Uganda like other countries embraced the fight against covid 19 by placing serious measures on its wide spread.