It’s not about age: leadership is functional



My little brother,  Francis Rwotlonyo said he is going for Oulanyah Jacob in Omoro; I said go boy!

Atimango is up for Gulu against decades old in power candidates,  half her age, Pa Lugeno is up against big names. Do not fear! Like my friend  Pat Larubi in Torchi. 

Yes, twice Okello onguti tried against his almost grandfather,  Hon Reagan, who is one of my Hero about to be humiliated by Ocii. All of you new breed of Acholi leaders, it’s your time. 

Yes,  leadership is not age, sex, religion,  race or money. It’s functional. To me it’s about being there for your people.  Laugh with them, suffer with them, eat with them, dance with them, sing with them and cry with them.  

Be there for sadness and happiness.  Develope initiatives to transform their lives, educate them and advance for them .

 I saw JB Uhuru doing it for the people,  running around for their rights, petitioning parliament,  raising resources for CT in Acholi, talking for the voiceless.  

I saw Komakech Pa Lugeno traveling the world,  here in America, talking to churches for scholarship,  not for him but his people. 

 I saw Onguti educating farmers,  raising money for farm equipments and seeds, food. Alone with NGO he initiated didn’t support only Aswa but Acholi.

  I saw Atimango advocating for the rights of girl child.  As GUILD President Gulu University, I see Julius Peter ( Pader N) helping and mobilizing farmers and getting them Soya seeds and markets.  To uplift them. Definitely, I see many of you running doing something to your community. 

Look,  Bobi wine inspired the Ghetto,  did charities and see where he is? Loved. Dr Besigye stood with the people.  Norbert Mao inspired even me, a village reject and drop out to believe. Mao was 23 when he started Legal Aid, free legal services for his sabjugated people.  At 25 he lost but made it to parliament at 27! You ain’t young. Challenge them. 


In 1994,I  was a small boy, dropped out from school,  an orphan and a drunk at 13. Mao inspired me, I started the dream to be a Mao. I ran for parliament at 26 in 2006 and 2011, I was second,  lost because I was not supported by my assumed supporters at party level. 

Why was I popular? I had young people like brother Bosmic, Ocen Timothy, ( UPDF)  Timotin and many who believed in me, I had mobilized them to help children at night commuting and school.  

We inspired people.  I invested in social capital.  I was with the people. I had initiatives including building a vocational school besides building a shelter.  I would have example of my deeds. I only confronted Acholi greats.

Wherever you are,  in Kampala, Mbale,  Lira, kasese or Gulu,  go for it. If it’s to be,  its up to you. Uganda is infested by Hyenas and we need new crops of leaders.  Don’t mind age.

Mwaka Lutukumoi