Plot to arrest Bobi Wine’s aide Agnes Nayiga of people power diaspora leaks

Uganda security operatives plot to arrest Bobi Wine’s People Power supporter Agnes Nayiga over links to People Power Diaspora mission. Whisper Eye Reports.

As 2021 Uganda decides grows closer the hotly to be contested elections pressure amounts amidst the Covid-19 scare , a renowned People Power opposition political and human rights activist Agnes Nayiga is among those set to be arrested, a reliable source confirmed to Whisper Eye Website.

Agnes who back in 2017 appeared in a photo with People Power de’facto leader Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi best known as Bobi Wine is reported to be in big trouble.

Our reliable sources have revealed to us that Agnes Nayiga, 37 is out of the country since December last year 2019 , she is among Bobi Wine’s people power our power most wanted by security agencies that include Internal security operatives (ISO) who are on high alert, to arrest and throw her to Chieftancy of Military Intelligence  (CMI) for interrogations over what is believed to be charges related in sourcing for funding of Bobi Wine activities in Uganda that are meant to undermine the NRM government.

Nayiga Agnes a Democratic party women leader in Lubaga, Kampala is expected back into the country to contest for Lubaga South member of parliament.

Agnes And Bobi Wine

Lubaga South seat is currently occupied by bedridden Kato Lubwama .

According to one of our sources within these security agencies ,Government sources have it that Nayiga is on a people Power mission in the United Kingdom where she is allegedly coordinating the movement’s activities among Ugandans in Europe something giving Bobi Wine big credit.

And accordingly its believed Agnes just like Bobi Wine have come under attack of getting support from LGBT community to promote illegal rights in Uganda,

Agnes Nayiga who had earlier declared her intentions to contest in 2021 general elections to represent Lubaga South constituency , assured her voters that she will be returning to exercise her political right and contest for political leadership .

“Am returning to Uganda to participate in 2021 elections.  I am going to contest in Lubaga South and we will massively win and we will put an end to injustices, corruption and bad governance in Uganda.” said Nayiga

She is well known for the human rights and welfare of Ugandans activism, Nayiga holds strong views about discrimination against LGBT people in Uganda which of course a capital offence.

This will most certainly play against her in the elections but also constitutes a criminal offence under Uganda’s Penal code Act.

Nayiga is however not deterred by any of this talk, she is determined to run and win the Lubaga South seat, and for this seat, she is one to watch. Her party leader noted.

In Lubaga, Nayiga is a vocal politician, commands support especially from youth and women due to her humbleness,  generosity and cancer support for Ugandans across all political channels.

Insiders say, this is why Bobi Wine identified her and secretly delegated her to coordinate People Power missions in diaspora.

Uganda is faced with political pressure come 2021 general elections as all serious presidential contenders facing incumbent Museveni are facing treason charges or have faced treason charges, Bobi Wine seen by many forces as being the number one contender was arrested in Arua and charged of treason, Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde a former security minister is in prison over treason and Dr Kizza Besigye the four time presidential contender was charged with treason a second time when he declared he won the 2016 presidential elections.

On April 19th 2020 Kyagulanyi’s right hand man and People Power National Youth leader Hon. Francis Butebi Zaake was brutally arrested , tortured and is now bedridden at Lubaga Hospital.

 This and many other arrests and torture of opposition activists stories continue to emerge.

A number of People Power supporters have been kidnapped, others detained and tortured while some, killed into unclear circumstances. Uganda’s human rights record is poor and arrests and torture episodes come as no surprise to many.

Our efforts to get a word from the police spokesperson Mr Enanga was futile despite all efforts he promised to first get full details before reacting on what he termed as sensitive matters.

However Uganda Police despite all cries from political actors on acts of torturing political opponents of President Museveni , LGBT community activities which some times members are teargassed still insist that as police their mandate is to protect all Ugandans despite different political views.