Part 1:Uganda’s Music industry! A sea of misery with islands of pretences – Denis Nyombi

Uganda’s Music industry!
A sea of misery with islands of pretences.

I ‘ve loved music for a good number of my years. Music reminds me quite many things .

The first song I watched on You tube, for example, was Glen Gold Smith’s “dreaming” off the 1988 album, “what you see is what you get.”

Preceeding this, are other intersting memories. For instance, “So So Def” was my best record label ever followed by Bad boy records, among others. If am not mistaken anyone close to my desk in high school from form 3 on words will quote me right.

Back home, I still have memories for three Ugandan songs. Philly Lutaya’s Kampala and Afrigo’s semuwemba then Jim.

Lutaya’s Kampala was my first song to be listened to in a car radio. As a young man one day i was walking on Kla streets with mum holding me by hand, whilst crossing from what’s present day Security house, then UDIAM house (Guess the home of Tropicana 110 Those who recall do) i saw a Toyota Corolla DX pass by- (how did i know it’s a Toyota Corolla DX then ?). That’s another story for another day. My escapades with cars is also another book. From walking to spear motors to ask about the price of a Mercedes Benz in S 4 vac, to stoping a benz truck to pay for the same UGx Sh200, in around P2 or 3, to keeping a picture of an old E190 1986 Mercedes from P3 to S2.
Back to music, with a loud beat of an acoustic sound of string and metal, a with an outstanding beat I had never heard of, symphonying Lutaya’s praise of Kampala.
Joanita kawalya’s Jim is a 1995 Afrigo band single that rocked the new FM radio stations .

These two songs start off my discussion. What’s the secret behind what i will in my opinion deem the two of Uganda’s music aspects! Thats is to say,
a)The never fading passion for Afrigo Band.
b)The never ceasing sound of Uganda’s Christmas signature voice of Philly Lutaya’s lone Christmas album.

Understanding these two, gives us the index of discussing Uganda’s music.

To be continued in part 2………….