Tension: Uganda reports 13 new coronavirus cases from truck drivers

Covid-19 cases hit 114 in Uganda as scare increases for Truck Drivers coming from neighbouring countries. Whisper Eye Reports.

Ugandans have called upon president Museveni to stop truck drivers a move he says is suicide as measure to fight Covid-19.

Today 9th May, 2020, Ministry of Health records thirteen (13) Covid-19 cases . Stay Home Stay Safe

In a morning tweet according to 2421 samples of truck drivers 13 turned out positive ‘ says Health Minister Jane Ruth Aceng.

These new cases 7 are Kenyans , 4 are Ugandans while 2 are Tanzanians nationalities , says the daily report.

More details on new cases

As all 740 community samples tested negative for the deadly pandemic as those discharged are 55 .

Now total COVID-19 confirmed cases are 114 across the country.

Malaba, Busia and Mutukula border points turns to be the most risky areas as far as Covid-19 is concerned.

According to authorities tracking them has commenced and the public will be informed accordingly .

Stay Home Stay Safe , Wash your hands at all times with soap, Keep it on Whisper Eye

Whisper Eye Team