Thinking a loud ; How Singapore stopped corruption _ Mwaka Lutukumoi

Thinking ALOUD.


How can we end corruption, and grow up? Corruption is the source of all evils.

Dictatorship, overstay in power, war, poverty and arrested development. Human trafficking and organ trade. Robbery and insecurity. China is what it is because of fighting corruption, made it very expensive. Capital offence.

In 1960s, Singapore was so poor like Uganda. But the biggest problem was governance and corruption.

The leadership then decided to fight corruption. The top would rob and even grab land. The government descended on them.


Fighting the top and leaving the bottom. The Singapore government, arrested the most powerful minister, connected to the first family. Tried and punished him! From then, corruption ended and Singapore is now the world class economy .


Imagine, minister Sam Kutesa arrested and tried! Imagine all those we know ate oil money, Gavi aids money and PRDP 50 billion in 2012 are arrested and brought to book. Imagine government conduct property audit and return all the stollen property to Uganda!


Yes, I have just realized like thousands of Ugandans, that all political parties in Uganda, gets monthly billions of shillings from the Electoral commission. The squabble in DP is a testament. The DP MPs accuse DP leadership of Norbert Mao of not accounting for billions of shillings but EC cleared DP.

FDC, other parties are quiet, they make us think the junta is evil and we can’t send children to school, don’t want anything government and fear even to let children get civil service jobs like police. It is a reserve of the regime sympathizers.


You realize their wives work with government, their children go abroad on Uganda money, they are big, when sick, government comes in. They can’t leave parliament. They are not for change. They will jump on anyone. Today some are for Bobi wine. Bobi wine is popular to make them win. They know when all back Bobi. He can win, now they ringed fenced him not to unite. In DP they are sponsoring division. But one thing is clear, Ugandans has become political play field.

Yes, we must chorus one voice as Ugandans, kick the top greedy out. It needs sacrifice. But I know time will come.

For now we have jokers in politics.

Mwaka Lutukumoi