DP MPs fear party primaries reason of fighting Mao, DP leader says

DP Mps fear party primaries reason of fighting Mao, DP Leader says. Whisper Eye Reports.

Democratic Party (DP) branch leaders faults party Members of Parliament over fighting Hon Norbert Mao.

Mr Ssebuguzi Anselm, one of the most royal DP branch leaders based in Sweden stings rebeling Mps.

‘DP MPs have joined hands to fight Mao only because for the first time he wants to subject them to contest in the party primaries,’ says Mr Ssebuguzi.

“Previously, Mathias Birekereawo Nsubuga ,RIP (the secretary general) waived them,” he added.

Young leaders in the party say that MPs don’t want to open up the space for the young members of DP to contest them.

However they demand that President Museveni should practice fairness.

Yet they also practice what Museveni does He added

Currently Uganda’s oldest political party faces crossroads as leaders are in open battle over the ongoing party elections.

Efforts to speak to Hon Mpuuga Matthias was futile despite constant calls.

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